Monday, December 6, 2010

Did I just send this to a college? Lolwat?

 Please take note that I penned this short essay after writing another essay, which I also submitted, about the fact that one of my favorite aspects of the school was the drug/alcohol awareness program. 
The question: Please share something about yourself that you have not addressed in your Common Application and which may not be revealed in a recommendation.
            This is embarrassing. This is something that I subconsciously tried to avoid in my Common Application. But I trust you, [potentially my first choice school,] to hear my small confession.
            I love slasher movies. Not in a visceral way, not for the monsters, not for the suspense and fear, but because I think these films represent our society at the most basic form and therefore the creative things that directors do with them most simply represent what we fear in society at the time they are made. They are not bloody gore fests for low budget, low quality teenagers to enjoy—they are in fact subtly veiled morality tales, warning us against sin and ill in society.
            I spend a lot of my time watching these low budget, low quality films, and then analyzing them on my blog about scary stories and knitting.
            I have, in fact, co written and directed two extremely low budget, (no budget, one might say,) slasher films with my best friend, full of all the unconvincing special effects and terrible acting that one expects from such a film. They are formulaic, something that makes more high-brow film audiences see them as base, without intellect, solely based on the desires of audiences. But wasn’t Shakespeare a formula writer? Aren’t all films formulaic?
            My realizations about these particular films—Psycho all the way up to Paranormal Activity 2—are what led me to realize that, even with all of the humanities out there, I belong in the field of film studies. 

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