Sunday, February 13, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

If I had to pick my least favorite genre of film, or my five least favorites, one of them would definitely be the typecast-big-guy-comedian-low-life-has-identity-finding-adventure-with-cute-kids movie. Don't even get me started. Few things are so formulaic and based solely on bad, family friendly jokes and slapstick. Yucky. Boring. Suburban.

But School of Rock is a huge guilty pleasure.

EDIT: I'm using this post to sugar coat the fact that I've decided pretty arbitrarily to put ads on my blog. Only fifteen or so people read it, so that will do very little...but here is my rationale for doing this:

1-I'm going to school for film studies, journalism, and history...which means that, probably in the future, one of the best career choices for me will be...professional blogger! I decided I might as well get started and sell my soul to Google now, even though I plan to make maybe twenty cents in the next year from it.

2-I turned eighteen the other day!! Which means I can now legally use AdSense! So I'm just gonna!

3-Targeted ads are hilarious, and considering the things people search for to get to my blog ("amputeeplanet," "majorettes wearing girls," "knitting in pregnancy,") I think we should all get some laughs from what Google thinks we wants.

Really, no logical reason. If you have some massive problem with it, let me know...

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